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Aaron McCollough

Aaron McCollough was raised in Tennessee. He currently works as the Scholarly Communication and Open Access Publishing Lead at George Mason University Library and lives in Washington, DC. He is also the co-publisher, with Karla Kelsey, of SplitLevel Texts. Previously, he was the Librarian for English Literature and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan, the Editorial Director at the University of Michigan Press, and the Head of the Scholarly Communication and Publishing unit at the University of Illinois Library.

McCollough’s poetry collection entitled Rank, seeks to recover sources of imaginative meaning from the unsettled remnants of lyric tradition, seeking out possibilities for belief and sustenance in the echoes of lapsed poetic speech and song. In language that is dense, allusive, by turns trance-like and mordantly funny, McCollough descends into the ranks of disintegrating organic life and finds elemental processes of regeneration underway, “ivy suckers climbing / the knock kneed craning bridge / to that bright food.” This is work that emerges in the aftermath of declining systems of hierarchy and order, a site marked by the overlapping of occult practices and postmodern physics, tense meditation, and economic anonymity. McCollough gives rise to a voice that is as much vegetative as human, as deeply embedded in the loam of cultural memory as it is new, original, and lavishly daring.

McCollough is also the author of Underlight, No Grave Can Hold My Body Down, Little Ease, Double Venus, and Welkin